My Experience with Eyelash Extensions ♡

Hello Lovelies ♡
I have been SO EXCITED to share this with you! I have been wanting to try this out for such a long time, I was so nervous, but I did it! … I GOT EYELASH EXTENSIONS! YAY!
I have heard so much hype surrounding eyelash extensions and I just had to try them out for myself.
So, here it is… My Experience with eyelash extensions.

I have had my extensions for about 9 weeks now and they are still looking fantastic, that is including the fill.
In the beginning it was super strange to get used to, because suddenly you have these big heavy lashes slightly making an appearance in front of your vision, but give it a half an hour and you are already half used to it. Now I don’t even feel them. I was nervous that after the fill, I would have to get used to them again, but no… it was like normal.
It was also hard to get used to the fact that, ‘oh goodness’, I can’t just suddenly rub my eye because I’m pulling out lashes. That’s the thing, they are super pretty and they last, you just have to take care of them and be aware of them.
Looking back I would say it is definitely worth it! I just wake up, wash my face, get dressed and I look good, I don’t have to sit and worry about my mascara. It’s naturally pretty all the time.


Will they damage my natural lashes?

The reason I was so nervous to get the lashes in the first place was because I had heard people saying that they damage your natural lashes… This is not true If they were properly applied.
If any damage occurs it’s not the eyelashes fault, it’s yours. They are stuck onto each lash individually and they will only come off if you rub them or tug on them. Lashes may gradually fall out but this is a natural process when your natural lash falls out in order to be replaced by a new one… Just like the hair on your head.
I’m not going to lie, I was nervous that they were going to pull out my eyelashes, so I waited way longer then I should have before getting my fill, I wanted to see how my own eyelashes looked once the extensions were almost gone. They looked exactly the same as they did before, I think we get used to the extensions and you see that falling out, so you begin to panic unnecessarily.
If you are worried, however, I would suggest taking Prosana, a hair & nail booster. It assists in the stimulation of keratin, which is important for healthy hair and strong nails. You can get it from Dischem. My mom and I have been taking this for a while now and I absolutely stand by it.
My mom started losing a lot of hair, she began taking this and now her hair doesn’t fall out like it did and she has a lot of new hair growing.

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How long does it take to apply?

It took 2 hours to apply. This could differ for some people because we all have different lashes, it could take less or more time depending on how many lashes you have. However, 2 hours is a good estimate.I would say a fill takes an hour.

How often do you need to get them redone?

They recommend that you get a fill every 3 – 4 weeks if you aim to maintain the same full look. The cost of having a fill should also cost less.

Can you wear Mascara?

Personally, I was advised not to use any products on my lashes in order to protect them and honestly I feel like I don’t need that extra bit of mascara because the lashes are already so long and full.

How do I take care of them?

The first 24 hours you are advised not to get water on the lashes as the glue is still drying and you could risk them not sticking.Afterthat you can rinse them with water but it is recommended that you do not use any oil based products or makeup removers on the lash. If you are trying to take off a product you are tugging on your lash and may pull out your natural lash.Invest in a disposable mascara wand so you can brush through your extensions in the morning to neaten them.
I hope that this was helpful! Until next time Lovelies!


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